Should parents ‘friend’ their child’s teacher?

17 Sep

As the typical teacher skews younger, chances are that your child’s teacher has a Facebook page. What should you do if he or she sends a “friend” request? And should you take the initiative and “friend” the teacher yourself?

•Teacher sets up a class Facebook page or group.

Parents ask whether the teacher would consider setting up (or whether the teacher currently has) a Facebook group and/or page for the class, which would let parents and teachers interact, and parents could get a window into things going on in the classroom. At the same time this option doesn’t require parents, teachers or students to friend one another. Many schools and districts are taking a different route and use education-friendly/only sites such as Edmodo.

•Parents set up a class page or group.

In some schools, parents have set up a class page or group, which is a way for parents to stay connected with one another as well as with their child’s teacher if she or he agrees to do so.

However, facebook group is the easy way that how to teacher contact with students in the class and can give assignment. More students in the class fear to put his/her hands up to asked some questions to teacher, maybe typing can tell more.


Future of shopping

16 Sep

In many way, this “different” world that is already blossoming in stores across the USA, with technology as the driving force.

Think digital fitting rooms, where parametric technology simulates body type and gives shoppers a sense of how a garment might look or fit. Or 3-D printers that allow consumers to make products in their own homes. Even smartphone technology is being developed to let retailers mine a shopper’s personal data to figure out their tastes and potential interests.

Stores will still have a presence, but mainly just to let customers have a sensory experience — touching and feeling items they can purchase remotely and having them shipped, according to retail analysts.

Where customers shop, increasingly, won’t matter. A person could shop from home, from a car or even on the subway, where digital displays carry a menu of ready-to-order goods.

Finally, changing old shopping go to future shopping for livable in our life. Everyone can buy goods from everywhere just wait it delivery to your home.

Online Crime

14 Sep

According to Symantec’s anti-virus software vendors. Security and Norton Antivirus and Internet Security Protection also revealed that another. It was more than 74 million victims of computer crime last year. The investment is a total loss of 3.2 billion dollars. (Count of money to lose), while in China, the loss of up to 2.5 billion dollars. USD 1.5 billion, followed by Brazil. And India is at 4 billion dollars.

However, Symantec has revealed that 69% of adult Internet users from all over. Been the victim of computer criminals and people. While you are in China will reach 85% and 84% in South Africa is also a concern than it is. Threats on mobile smart phones are rapidly increasing.”Computer criminals far more than we expected development in the past 12 months.Number of adults surveyed victims has increased to three times “Adam Palmer said from Symantec (This report is the result of a survey of 20,000 users in 24 countries).

Consumers eliminate credit card use for second month

14 Sep

Americans cut back on their credit card use in July for the second straight month as many remain cautious in the face of high unemployment and slow growth.

Consumers have been using credit cards much less since the 2008 credit crisis. Four years ago, Americans had $1.03 trillion in credit card debt, an all-time high. In July, it was $850.7 billion — or 17% lower.

During that same time, student loan debt has increased dramatically. The category that includes auto and student loans, along with other loans for items such as boats, has jumped to $1.85 trillion from $1.56 trillion in July 2008.

Finally, some of that debt has been removed by defaults, such as foreclosures. But Americans are also repairing their finances by paying down debts.

Apple’s iPhone 5 may make some cars outdated

14 Sep

Apple unveiled its iPhone 5, which goes on sale later this month. One feature possible iPhone 5 owners need to know is the smartphone’s new Lightning connector that replaces the current 30-pin connector found on Apple’s products like the iPhone 4S or 4.

However, Opening iPhone 5 can make some cars from Hyundai and Kia to luxury brands like BMW and Audi have special cables or cradles designed for the current design. If  buy a new iPhone 5, you’ll also need to purchase an adapter from Apple that allows the new smartphone to work with your — now outdated — car.

Hyundai spokesman Jim Trainor said that Hyundai’s latest models work without the use of a proprietary cable, but for those that do, he confirmed you’d need the new Apple adapter for full iPhone 5 integration

E-COMMERCE ARRIVES IN Sweden, Denwark, Norway, and Finland

19 Jul

Gucci Launches Digital Flagship Store in Sweden, Denwark, Norway, and Finland

Gucci, a pioneer of the luxury online shopping experience since 2002, is pleased to announce the launch of e-commerce in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. Online visitors can now purchase Gucci products directly in their respective countries. The House of Gucci, better known simply as Gucci, is an Italian fashion and leather goods label, part of the Gucci Group, which is owned by French company.

Gucci generated circa € 4.2 billion in revenue worldwide in 2008 according to BusinessWeek magazine and climbed to 41st position in the magazine’s annual 2009 “Top Global 100 Brands” chart created by Inter-brand. Gucci is also the biggest-selling Italian brand. Gucci operates about 278 directly operated stores worldwide (as of September 2009) and it wholesales its products through franchisees and upscale department stores.

However, Gucci manufactures products for both men and women. You do not have to worried, if you are man. That sold fine leather goods with classic styling and modern. Gucci’s stores featured such finely crafted leather accessories as handbags and shoes. it can appeal to you to want to own one.

Recently, E-Commerce has play an important role in social-network. It’s easier if you do not have any time to move it, but work in office. Until you feel like to go to shopping but have only computer and credit card  in front of you. You just log-in to site and search things that you want to buy it, and fill in the details of your Credit Card. FINISH !! You just wait for it to come to you.

Easily Easier to shopping ! NOW GUCCI SUPPORT ON E-COMMERCE



19 Jul

GIRLS ALOUD Campaign promoting a new bag of ‘Marcello de Cartier’.

BY Cartier made ​​chic with four models to choose from a variety of professional women; The actor Artist, model and fashion editor of the four major cities (Rio de Janeiro, Seoul, Berlin and Paris.) Through the lens of Denis Dailleux settings on the fourth of four cities.

This is one way to attract customers to interested the goods. Highlights of this constant is not the brand, I think it is a dislocation model, and more. If brands and company have a good creatively That’s how you can make people know and do and say the word. Or you wanna went to press ?