Should parents ‘friend’ their child’s teacher?

17 Sep

As the typical teacher skews younger, chances are that your child’s teacher has a Facebook page. What should you do if he or she sends a “friend” request? And should you take the initiative and “friend” the teacher yourself?

•Teacher sets up a class Facebook page or group.

Parents ask whether the teacher would consider setting up (or whether the teacher currently has) a Facebook group and/or page for the class, which would let parents and teachers interact, and parents could get a window into things going on in the classroom. At the same time this option doesn’t require parents, teachers or students to friend one another. Many schools and districts are taking a different route and use education-friendly/only sites such as Edmodo.

•Parents set up a class page or group.

In some schools, parents have set up a class page or group, which is a way for parents to stay connected with one another as well as with their child’s teacher if she or he agrees to do so.

However, facebook group is the easy way that how to teacher contact with students in the class and can give assignment. More students in the class fear to put his/her hands up to asked some questions to teacher, maybe typing can tell more.


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