Online Crime

14 Sep

According to Symantec’s anti-virus software vendors. Security and Norton Antivirus and Internet Security Protection also revealed that another. It was more than 74 million victims of computer crime last year. The investment is a total loss of 3.2 billion dollars. (Count of money to lose), while in China, the loss of up to 2.5 billion dollars. USD 1.5 billion, followed by Brazil. And India is at 4 billion dollars.

However, Symantec has revealed that 69% of adult Internet users from all over. Been the victim of computer criminals and people. While you are in China will reach 85% and 84% in South Africa is also a concern than it is. Threats on mobile smart phones are rapidly increasing.”Computer criminals far more than we expected development in the past 12 months.Number of adults surveyed victims has increased to three times “Adam Palmer said from Symantec (This report is the result of a survey of 20,000 users in 24 countries).


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